David Harborne

Multiple Income Streams Specialist

About me

I'm David Harborne and I'm from Devon in the UK.  Whilst this is my home, I spend most of my time in Vietnam and travelling around the world. 

When I was a child, I lived in the countryside, where we had lots of places to play. My parents decided to change careers when I was 14 and that meant we moved to Devon. We lived in a house overlooking the sea, so we were able to walk on the beach every day. The dogs loved it.   

After I left school, I went to University to study podiatric medicine. After qualifying, I got a job in the National Health Service. I never realised I would be there for 27 years. I obtained further qualifications in management and leadership (MBA and MSc). 

During my career, I was promoted to Head of Service and then General Manager. I then became an operations manager for one of the best Social Enterprises and Charities in the UK. It was a great place to work as we all shared the same values of putting the people we supported first. 

During the last two years of my career, I worked for the second largest care corporation in the UK, however working in this environment didn't match my values, so I resigned and set up my own company with a colleague.   

We are still running this company nowadays. It's called Love2Care and it has been rated outstanding twice in a row by an independent inspection agency. As well as being a Director of the company, my role in the company is the Nominated Person, which means I oversee the quality of service. Now that the company is established, I offer my experience as a mentor to other organisations who want to become registered with the Care Quality Commission this organisation is called Love2Support

Now that I have more time on my hands, I travel all over the world but mostly stay in Vietnam. I am so fortunate to have friends all over the world, with social media nowadays, it means we can stay in touch. All my work is done via laptop, so as long as I have a computer and internet, I am free to travel anywhere. 

Whilst in Asia, a number of people asked me for support with their English-speaking skills and it led me to take up teaching business English across Asia. 

In recent times, I wanted to develop myself further, so I trained to become an affiliate marketer and set up my own businesses online. I really wanted to learn the skills of working online as it seems to be the way of the world nowadays and it's perfect for me when on my travels.  

Affiliate marketing enables me to make money online via passive income strategies, so as you can see from my bio, I have multiple income streams and I would say that is how I've created financial freedom, success and lead my best life. I am keen to show other people how to start up their own businesses online as I am passionate about how this can give you additional freedom and income in your life. 

Someone described me as a successful entrepreneur recently, not a title I ever thought about myself, but looking at my career, I thought they could be right? 

With my wide variety of experience, skills and knowledge, my latest venture is personal growth coaching, so that I can help others be successful and live their best life.  When you are successful, you reach a point when you have the nice car, the nice house, etc and you wonder if that's it. I've found out there is more to life than just a nice house and car and focus on supporting others find their gifts and purpose so that they can lead a fulfilled life. 

If any of the above resonates with you and you want to find out more, then contact me at david@davidharborne.com to have a chat.

My Purpose

My purpose in life is to lovingly help others learn to achieve their higher self, so that they are able to create from within, a future beyond what they can see

My Mission

 Provide a loving space where others feel secure to connect and discover their true self, shining the light on the power within them and in nature to find all the answers they seek, freeing them from self-limiting beliefs so they move towards their higher self, empowered through empathy and pragmatism to find greater gratitude in their daily lives to be at one.