Who is David Harborne

I’m David Harborne and I was born near Birmingham in the UK.  Whilst the UK is my home country, I spend most of my time travelling around the world, leading a laptop lifestyle. 

When I was a child, I lived in the countryside, where we had lots of places to play.  I spent hours climbing trees and riding my bike down narrow country lanes.   When I was 14 my parents decided to change careers and we had to move to Devon. We were so lucky that we lived in a house overlooking the sea and we were able to walk on the beach every day. The dogs loved it. 

The Best Thing I Did

After I left school, I went to University to study podiatric medicine. After qualifying, I got a job in the National Health Service. I never realised I would be there for 27 years. During my career, I always wanted to learn more, so I studied further qualifications in management and leadership (MBA and MSc). 

Whilst working for the Health Service I was promoted to the Head of Podiatric Services and then General Manager, being responsible for the health and social care of a population of 44,000 people.  

I went on to become an operations manager for one of the best Social Enterprises and Charities in the UK. It was a great place to work as we all shared the same values of putting the people we supported first.

During the last two years of my career, I worked for the second largest care corporation in the UK, however working in this environment didn’t match my values, so I resigned and set up my own company with a colleague and honestly, it was the best thing I ever did.

Creating Financial Freedom

Within 4 years of starting our own company, we became one of the best outstanding companies in the UK and have a turnover of over 7 figures.  As well as being a founding Director of the company, my role in the company is the Nominated Person, which means I oversee the quality of service part-time. Now that the company is established, I offer my experience and knowledge as a business mentor to others who want to start up their own business.

Starting up a successful business has enabled me to have financial freedom so that I can travel all over the world and work from my laptop. I am so fortunate to have friends all over the world and with social media nowadays, it means we can always stay in touch. All my work is now done via laptop, so as long as I have a computer and internet, I am free to travel anywhere.

Multiple Income Streams

As you can see from my passions I love learning and finding out ways to create multiple income streams and even more I get passionate when lovingly helping others learn to think outside the box and creating their own multiple income streams and attain financial freedom.

Someone described me as a successful entrepreneur recently, not a title I ever thought about myself, but I look back at my career and I thought they could be right? 

As I get older I want to teach others how to achieve financial freedom and live their best life.  Without this it would have been difficult to do all the other wonderful things in life.

My Latest Challenge

Whilst on my travels I realised how valuable it was to speak native English.  In your own country, you never give it a second thought, but on my travels, I am always being asked to help people with their English-speaking skills and it led me to learn how to teach business English internationally.  This is something I do online nowadays and I work regularly with senior business managers in China on a weekly basis.  

In recent times, I wanted to develop myself further, so I trained to become an affiliate marketer and set up my own business online. I really wanted to learn the skills of working online as it seems to be the way of the world nowadays and it’s perfect for me when on my travels.  

I love learning and my latest challenge is to make 5% monthly trading with artificial intelligence (AI).  This is another passive income stream I’m testing over the next 10 years and hope to share my finding with others so that they too can have a life of financial freedom.  I do dabble in cryptocurrencies as a hobby as I can see amazing potential for the next generation. 

"A wealthy person is simply someone who has learnt how to make money when they are not working."

Robert Kiyosaki


What I’m Currently Learning

Throughout my life, I have made many changes in my life but felt there was something missing.  I have been successful, but still I never truly understood my purpose for being on this planet.  I searched the internet for years, but never really found the answer.

Eventually, I found a person who specializes in helping others find their purpose, and after I went through the experience my life changed.  For the first time in my life, I know what I am here to do.  It is hard to put into words the impact on me, but all I can say is it gave my life meaning.  A truly powerful experience.

As a result of this, I have been researching more about purpose and productivity.  The understanding of why we are here and how to make effective change.  Without purpose, we can’t decide on what’s important to us in life, but when we understand this, we need to be able to effectively transform ourselves to be who we want to be.  

I was so empowered by learning about these areas, I have decided to do additional training to be able to support others find their purpose and change their lives, so if this is something you are struggling with, please let me know as I have developed a wealth of knowledge and skills in this area.

My next step

Since learning my purpose, I have been on a journey of self-discovery and transformation.  I have been focusing my attention on my health and lifestyle.  I am exercising daily and cutting down on unhealthy options.  As a result of this, I am feeling more energised and active in my life.

Now that my losing weight and exercising, I am turning my attention to my mental and spiritual wellbeing.  I am learning how to meditate to access the deepest parts of my brain so that I transform my life as part of my path to self-realisation.

I learnt that from the age of 35, we are hardwired to run our life on autopilot.  Most of us don’t even realise why we are doing things because of the habits we have formed.  To create my new identity, my next step is focused on rewiring my subconscious, so that I can truly be who I am called to be and not what everyone expects me to be.

I will regularly blog the journey, so if this resonates with you, please get in touch with me.

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