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Ken Rudge, MD Ocean Healthcare

“David is a fantastic coach. He is kind and understanding in his approach yet his experience and expertise enable to cut through to the heart of what’s important. David is a highly valued coach to me.”

Jennifer Osodo Registered Manager Millfield Healthcare

“David, your guidance is much appreciated. I have managed to work out my costs based on the formula you provided; hence I feel more confident about my pricing.”

Margaret Gibbings MBE

“David is a highly motivated person in everything that he undertakes with his professional career.  He has excellent leadership, business and communication skills. He is well respected by staff and clients.  I highly recommend David for any business as he will be a great asset.”

Cordelia Kate, Rebellious Business Network

“I wanted to say thank you. I had the pleasure of working with you a few weeks ago and you really helped me come to a huge realisation. You are an absolutely fantastic coach and helped me have a massive breakthrough involving my children and a hell of a lot of stuff I went through over a number of years.”

Claudette Anderson Managing Director, Dignity and Care

“David is a very pleasant and helpful person. When I approached David he was very professional and patient with me. He went above and beyond the required help. I would recommend him to colleagues and anyone who needs coaching.”