The Ultimate Guide on How to be Successful and Lead Your Best Life | Stop Pleasing Everyone

The Ultimate Guide To be Successful and Live Your Best Life


You cannot always please everyone, so Stop Please Everyone, and start focusing on pleasing yourself. In order to be successful and live your best life, you need to learn to say "NO." When you try to please everyone by agreeing with them and by saying "Yes" to all the favors they ask for, you will end up overburdened, stressed, lose focus on your own goals, and you might end up losing your self-respect. When you stop pleasing everyone and learn the art to say "NO," you will have plenty of time to yourself and focus on what you want to do rather than doing something that others want you to do. By saying no, you are actually refusing to be taken for granted without any guilt. No matter whether it is personal life or professional, the moment you stop pleasing everyone, you will feel better, you will start giving importance to yourself because you are the most important person in your life.

"To find yourself, think for yourself." - Socrates

So, in order to be successful and live the best life, develop a habit of saying "No" to the unreasonable favors of others and say "Yes" to yourself.