This question was recently posed to me and it made me think.  It is a really important question.  Do we work for money to buy the things we need in life? Yes, we all need money to buy food and have a roof over our heads.  So why do we strive for more and more?

If we are in business to make more and more money, we need to stop and ask ourselves why?  Just having money alone will not give us all we need as human beings.  I know from personal experience that I have had nice cars and nice houses, but I was not really happy and fulfilled.

I lacked purpose in my life.  Going to work or starting your own online business will ultimately lead to making money, but without purpose and a growth mindset we will struggle to bounce out of bed every morning, excited to follow our passion.

When considering why we need to make money, we need to understand our purpose in life.  Without this, life will be meaningless.  Having lots of money is great, but what is it ultimately for?

It is worth remembering that those entrepreneurs with money, purpose and a growth mindset seem to be the happiest, healthiest and make the greatest impact in the world.  Whether you are at work or wanting to start up an online business, consider your purpose as a critical element for your success as it will impact your life and the world around you.

What is your thoughts?  I look forward to reading your comments.

David Harborne

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