8 steps to developing authoritative content:

In order to boost your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) ranking, gain traffic and/or leads, Neil Patel recommends that you create great, original content for your website.

  1. Report on the latest trends, such as breaking news, so that your readers are kept fully up to date about what’s happening 
  2. Take an evidenced-based approach to your topic, reviewing it from multiple angles, so that you can share meta knowledge from a variety of sources.
  3. Convey your evidence in entertaining ways, such as story-telling, so engaging your reader attention
  4. Undertake a detailed analysis and identify alternative perspectives, so providing a fresh approach
  5. If other researchers are blogging about your topic, identify different mediums not being used, such as videos as it is a great way to add a personal touch and show your confidence.
  6. Build an in-depth knowledge about your topic and publish this valuable information on an ongoing basis as it’s a great opportunity to request readers to subscribe to your website. 
  7. Undertake research in your topic area.  Interview a number of people or conduct a questionnaire, so that you are able to give facts and figures about your subject area and use this information to create evidence-based case studies. 
  8. Liaise with other authority sites and hold a webinar to discuss your shared opinion on the subject, thus encouraging cross-links between your authoritative sites.

And finally remember to keep your content original and find solutions that solve their problems.  Remember Google recognised sites that provide high quality, original content, which will ultimately impact on your site’s SEO rankings.

David Harborne

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